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The North Star Group, through its involvement in the shipping industry, has significant experience in shipbuilding, maintenance, modifications and upgrade services. Pyletech’s approach remains conservative. It focuses on enhancing strategic naval applications with specialised and high-tech niche content. It invests in robotics to increase productivity, artificial intelligence when needed in cost control, composite materials, advanced energy saving applications, electromagnetic applications in communication, automation and unmanned applications, advanced detection for maintenance and management purposes.

We closely follow the latest developments in technology, engineering, R&D, human resources and environmental areas. We integrate advanced technologies and use them to enhance and support our manufacturing capability, increasing our efficiency and performance. We also work in partnership with small and large companies in other industries to develop new offerings to our customers.

Our mission is to serve the stakeholders in the shipping and shipbuilding industry, through our technologies, flexible solutions and services for every phase of shipbuilding and ship repairing.