Innovation leader in the technology sector

Pyletech Technologies, part of North Star Group, was established in 2020 to become an innovation leader in the technology sector in Europe and internationally. An ambitious vision with a practical path forward will enable Pyletech to invest in and to develop high-end industrial facilities that will produce state of the art technology products and services contributing to the growth and improvement of local economies and societies.

Our team, led by demand-driven trends and important R&D investments, aims to develop and apply cutting-edge technologies, which will strengthen the company’s sustainable investments in the shipbuilding, aerospace, energy and terminal sectors.

Pyletech, through such investments, will become an important technology gateway (gateway= “πύλη” in Greek) to selected industries.

Our Mission

Through our investments in assets, human capital and R&D, our mission is to create a dynamic vibrant business nexus, that will enhance a host country’s manufacturing basis, contribute to the export of goods and services, and provide a home to engineers and other qualified professionals seeking excellence in their fields. Our ultimate objective is to create profitable and internationally competitive innovative industrial companies in the selected sectors.


Why Pyletech

We have the people, an extensive worldwide network, credibility, financial strength and proven project finance structure know how to deal successfully with any challenges.


We are a reliable and forward-looking partner. We meet this challenge with passion and commitment and consider it a great responsibility.

Capacity and flexibility

Our capacity planning practices ensure that we achieve on-time project delivery while our use of flexible and agile management processes ensure our ability to respond to clients’ continuously evolving business needs.

Excellent project management

We apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet project requirements and deliver on time and on budget.

Strong collaborations

We have developed strong alliances with a number of technology firms and research centres which allow us to offer the highest level of services to clients.

Financial strength

We have the financial strength that is critical for the viability of major national or international projects.


We safeguard the interests of our clients maintaining strict confidence.